RADAR keys (National Key Scheme) now available from DAS

Radar keysWe have purchased a few RADAR keys (National Key Scheme) for people who live in the area covered by Suffolk Coastal District Council (UK) to be able to use accessible toilets.

RADAR keys are no longer available at local council offices. Continue reading

Microsoft launch new free accessibility tools (useful if you create web pages too)

Microsoft web accessibility graphicMicrosoft has launched some new accessibility tools in its free Word Online and OneNote Online applications. These are also useful for anyone who creates web pages and wants to make them more accessible. Continue reading

Finding accessible toilets

Accessible toilets graphic
The difficulties facing disabled people trying to find suitable accessible toilets has been in the news a lot this week.

So we’ve created a new page on the website with some useful resources about the Radar National Key scheme (NKS), standard accessible toilets, and for Changing Places toilets which are larger with adult changing facilities, plus a link to the East Suffolk Council public conveniences page. Continue reading

Please keep pavements accessible!

Cluttered pavements graphicAre you a café, bar, restaurant or shop owner?

Particularly in this warm weather it’s nice to have seats outside. It’s also tempting to put out A-boards, sail banners and other promotional signs on the pavement. Continue reading