2015 will be the 30th year that the Disability Advice Service (East Suffolk) has been open offering advice and support to people in Suffolk Coastal.

In 2013/14

  • We supported our clients to gain an additional £1,814,688 in benefits
  • The service advised 1,080 clients
  • We had 6,170 enquiries in total during the year
  • We won 82% of the 106 appeals and reconsiderations we completed
  • We gave £7,463 as small grants to individuals

Financial Gain: 1 April 2013-31 March 2014

The total benefit awarded to clients as a result of our work this year was approximately £1,814,688 highlighting the essential need for our service in the East Suffolk Coastal area.

Financial gain by benefit

The spreadsheets and charts below are from Google Sheets.

Financial gain by area


“Extremely grateful that DAS is here to help people like us”

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“A real life line”

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I found the adviser very patient and helpful. He could not have given a better service. Many thanks.

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“I was most grateful for the help and support today and have every praise for the good and professional job they do”

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