2018 will be the 34th year that the Disability Advice Service (East Suffolk) has been open offering advice and support to people in Suffolk Coastal.

In 2018…

  • We supported our clients to gain an additional £2,053,424 in benefits
  • The service advised 1,229 clients
  • We had 6,058 enquiries in total during the year
  • We won 68 of 81 appeals cases where a decision was reached (84%), and dealt with a massive 218 appeals throughout the year! Approximately 50 cases have been carried over into 2019
  • We were awarded £301, 210 over three years by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund
  • We gave £5,389 as small grants to individuals
  • We continued our partnership with the Multiple Sclerosis Society to deliver advice to their members across the area.
  • We worked with Homegroup to deliver housing help and advice.
  • We continued to be a part of Ipswich County Court Advice and Representation Service (ICCARS)

Financial Gain: 2018

The total benefit awarded to clients as a result of our work this year was approximately £2,053,424, highlighting the essential need for our service in the East Suffolk Coastal area.

Financial gain by benefit (January 1st to December 31st)

Benefit Gain
Appeals £513,156
Attendance Allowance £138,004
Carers Allowance £17,339
Disability Living Allowance £84,282
Employment Support Allowance £366,039
Housing benefit £5,727
Income Support £4,798
Industrial Injuries £12,935
Personal Independence Payment £908,765
Unspecified £2,379
Total £2,053,424

Financial gain by area (January 1st to December 31st 2018)

Area Gain
Aldeburgh £15,417
Felixstowe £434,497
Framlingham £20,293
Greater Ipswich & Kesgrave £490,302
Leiston £180,828
Saxmundham £159,140
Woodbridge £709,681
Other £43,266
Total £2,053,424
Enquiries by Town and Surrounding Area


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