Anglia Revenues Partnership (ARP)

Anglia Revenues Partnership manages online services for Suffolk Coastal District Council, Waveney and five other councils in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire covering:

  • Council Tax
  • Housing Benefit
  • Universal Credit
  • Benefit fraud
  • Advice on money management
  • Discretionary payments
  • Overpayment, appeals, reviews
  • Business rates

For example, you can go to the ARP site to:

  • pay your Council Tax online
  • register to manage your Council Tax account online
  • make claims for Council Tax discounts or exemptions
  • make claims for Housing Benefit
  • tell them about a change in your circumstances

Discretionary payments

If you are applying for Discretionary Payments you should now do this online, not using paper forms. Contact us if you need help, or go directly to the Anglia Revenue Partnerships Discretionary Payments page.

Check which Council area you live in

If you’re not sure which Council area you live in, you can find out from Go to Find your local Council page on , click on Start and then enter your postcode or street and town.

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