DAS currently employs 5 part-time staff, and has 18+ trained volunteers who provide advice and administration support as well as helping with fundraising and PR.


Our Manager has overall responsibility for our advice services, as well as the administration and funding of the organisation. She works closely with her team and is heavily involved in the everyday work of DAS – including advice, duty and appeals work – and leads on our crisis work.

2 Senior Welfare Rights Advisors

Our Senior Welfare Rights Advisors are responsible for ensuring the quality of our welfare rights advice. They work with a team of volunteer advisors  and duty worker – acting as a source of expertise for the organisation.

Facilities Manager

Our Facilities Manager oversees our volunteer administrators. He is responsible for the smooth-running of our office, building and physical resources. Additionally he is involved in fundraising and statistics –  raising money from a range of charitable trusts, local authorities and parish councils.

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Our Volunteer Co-ordinator is responsible for the recruitment, employment and wellbeing of our army of volunteers. She ensures our compliance with eligibility criteria, DBS checks and works with volunteers to find the best fit for each individual and DAS.

Duty Advisor

Our Duty Advisor is responsible for the initial front-line customer service aspect of DAS. She ensures the smooth running of our communication systems and record keeping and, with our volunteer team, is the first base for many of our clients.