RADAR keys (National Key Scheme)

Radar keysWe have purchased a few RADAR keys (National Key Scheme) for people who live in the area covered by Suffolk Coastal District Council (UK) to be able to use accessible toilets.

RADAR keys are no longer available at local council offices.

The RADAR keys are available in our office and are £1.50 each (June 2017). Please note we can only accept cash payments, not cheques or credit/debit cards.

Please check our opening times on our Contact page, and confirm you are visiting and that we have some in stock before travelling — we don’t want you to have a wasted journey. We suggest you complete the RADAR key order form below and then we can contact you about coming to our office for collection.

These keys will not open the Changing Places facilities at Felixstowe Crescent Road and Martello Park. See the Suffolk Coastal (East Suffolk) website for more details: East Suffolk Public Conveniences.

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You can also order RADAR keys from:

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RADAR key order form

Please never include sensitive personal information like bank details, passwords, or your National Insurance number in this or any other web contact form.

Verification: By clicking ‘I confirm I am entitled to use a RADAR key’ below, I verify that I live in the Suffolk Coastal District Council area and I am entitled to have a RADAR key. The RADAR key is for my personal use, I am not buying on behalf of an organisation. I will not allow the RADAR key to be used by people who are not entitled to use an accessible toilet.

Disability Advice Service (East Suffolk) will hold your data in accordance with the Data Protection Act. We will not pass your data to third parties unless required to by law and will not inundate you with communications if you select the ‘consent to occasional communications’ box above. For more information see our Privacy policy.